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What’s My Kinze 3600 Planter Worth?


Tina Kendall

May 31, 2022

This week’s What’s It Worth? comes from Bob W. out of Indiana. As the early order period for planters approaches, he wants to know what his planter may be worth on trade in — a 2013 23-row Kinze 3600.

What's My Kinze 3600 planter worth?

Auction Value

An analysis of the Tractor Zoom Pro database reports an average auction sale price of $57,898 based on 57 sale results for all 23-row Kinze 3600’s going back to December of 2009. Filtering down to those 2013 or newer gives us an average auction value of $83,950 based on 10 comparable sales. However, if we look at all 3600s sold in the last 90 days, we see the average auction sale price increase to just shy of $85,000 based on five comparable sales. 

Last November, Tractor Zoom reported a 20% decrease in the number of planters sold at auction in 2021. It’s this continued lack of used planter supply in the market coupled with supply chain constraints on new planter production and delivery delays from OEMs that make planter models, such as Kinze’s 3600, a hot commodity at auction. For example, an extremely clean, one-owner, low-acre 2019 Kinze 3600 sold for $130,000 – well above the 90-day average – at a Rice Auction Company auction on March 17, 2022.

Dealer Listings

Reviewing dealership list prices on May 31, 2022, we see the average list price of a 23-row Kinze 3600 at a dealership is $71,506 based on 15 listings since October of 2021. Filtering down to look at equipment from 2013 or newer, shows an average dealer listing average of $107,107 based on six comparable sales.

Trying to assess how the price of a 23-row Kinze 3600 planter has trended over time is problematic given the very low volume of planters listed on dealer lots over the last year. For example, a brief look at the average listing price trend line shows the list price fluctuating greatly but these large swings aren’t due to the market rather new inventory being added to or taken from dealer lots.

Dealer Price Trends For Kinze 3600

Assessing Equipment Value

It’s important to note that the above is not a complete evaluation or valid estimate of Bob’s 3600. Additional information on Bob’s piece of equipment such as acres planted, spacing, or additional row options will impact the estimated value. 

Farmers looking for an equipment appraisal should work with their bank or local equipment dealer to receive a formal appraisal on their piece of equipment.

Farmers looking to understand and monitor the value of their equipment can now build equipment lists at Tractor Zoom. Tractor Zoom equipment lists not only help you build an accurate representation of what your equipment inventory looks like and is worth, they also help you prepare the information you need to secure a formal appraisal from a bank or local equipment dealer when it’s time to sell.

Kinze 3600 price estimate

For those looking for a Kinze 3600 for sale nearby or other planters for sale, find available makes and models on Tractor Zoom. If you can’t find the exact rows or specs you are currently looking for, save your search on Tractor Zoom to be notified when new equipment matching your needs hits the site. And, once you find a make/model you want to keep track of, be sure to Favorite that equipment so you can be alerted when dealer listing prices change, when bidding opens for the equipment, or when the final auction sale price is posted.

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