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What’s My Kinze 3600 Planter Worth?


Kevin Heintz

April 05, 2024

Kinze 3600 Planter with grass in foreground

This What’s it Worth? spotlight item is requested by Delmer P., a retired contractor who operates a 300-acre hobby farm in Southern Illinois. 

Delmer is looking to sell his inherited 2012 Kinze 3600 planter, which has 23 rows and around 11,000 acres, for a newer model that will better suit the needs of his farm. In order to decide what kind of planter to upgrade to, he wants to know what his current planter is worth to see what he can expect to receive if he sells it at auction or as a dealership trade-in.

This Kinze 3600 model is near and dear to our hearts here at Tractor Zoom, as it was the piece of equipment that led our CEO, Kyle McMahon, to create a platform where users could come to find accurate values on ag equipment they are interested in buying and selling. Kyle discusses his story in this Tractor Zoom introduction video.

tractor pulling a kinze 3600 planter, field in foreground, sky with clouds
Tractor Zoom’s CEO, Kyle McMahon, purchased this Kinze 3600 planter that gave him the idea to start our used equipment platform.

Kinze 3600 planter auction value

Looking at Kinze planter auction values in the Tractor Zoom Pro database, we can see that the average price of a Kinze 3600 sold at auction in the past six months and filtered by the year 2012 is $51,500. 

At a recent auction on March 22, 2024, a 2012 Kinze 3600 planter with 23 rows sold for $58,500. This planter also included a 20/20 Gen 3 Precision Monitoring System with screen, as well as an Ag Leader GPS 7500 receiver.

Kinze 3600 planter retail value

If Delmer P. visits a dealer, his trade-in value prospects look a bit different. Again, our Tractor Zoom Pro database shows that the average list price of a model year 2012 Kinze 3600 at dealerships is $79,849 across 22 similar units sold in the past six months.

Although it shows retail values, this additional dealer listing information can help Delmer make an informed decision about whether he should trade in his planter or sell it at auction. In this case, his Kinze 3600 value would likely garner a better trade-in price at a dealership than at an auction.

At the time of this article’s publishing, Tractor Zoom has 79 active Kinze 3600 planters featured for sale on the website: three are being sold at auctions and 76 are at dealerships, and two of these are model year 2012. 

Kinze 3600 Equipment Results preview

Additional Kinze 3600 planter specs that impact value

In addition to acres, rows, and general condition of the equipment, the Kinze 3600’s value in the used equipment marketplace is influenced by many other factors. Take into account the following Kinze 3600 specs when valuing your planter for sale or purchase: 

  • Inclusion of precision planting technology, which offers superior seed placement accuracy, affecting crop uniformity and yield potential.
  • The presence and type of planter row attachments such as till coulters and closing wheels that help impact the stability of the furrow. 
  • Center/bulk fill systems vs. box fill configurations, which determine the planter’s operational efficiency and suitability for various farming scales.
  • The flexibility of row configurations, down pressure systems, and other smart technologies for precision farming such as GPS and auto-steer capabilities. 
  • Condition, maintenance history, and any aftermarket upgrades are also crucial to consider since they reflect its potential for performance and longevity in the field. 

For more information on the Kinze 3600’s specs and features that might impact sale value, visit Kinze’s planter info pages.

Assessing used equipment value

Note that the above marketplace analysis is not a complete evaluation or exact estimate of Delmer’s planter. As mentioned above, additional factors such as condition, number of acres, number of rows, and installed navigation and precision-capability equipment can all influence the estimated sale value.

Sellers looking for a farm equipment appraisal should work with their bank or local equipment dealer or auctioneer to get a formal appraisal on their piece of equipment. Likewise, buyers looking for ag equipment financing can check out our lending service offerings on 

Anyone looking to understand and monitor the value of their equipment can build Tractor Zoom Equipment Lists. Equipment Lists provide an accurate representation of your equipment inventory and what it is worth. They also help you prepare the necessary information to secure an appraisal from a bank or local equipment dealer when you are ready to sell.

Search on Tractor Zoom’s used equipment marketplace to see available Kinze planters for sale or other planting equipment for sale. If you cannot locate the exact year or specs you are looking for, save your equipment search on Tractor Zoom to be notified by email when new equipment is listed that matches your search. 

Tractor Zoom Saved Search

Once you find a Make/Model you want to track, click “Favorite” on that equipment to receive alerts when dealer listing prices change, when bidding opens for the equipment, or when the final auction sale price is posted.

More insights about used equipment

In March, our Tractor Zoom data showed that supply for all planters at auctions and dealerships was up about 8% over average, and supply is currently surpassing demand for used farm machinery overall. This has somewhat of a downstream effect on used equipment purchasing trends as well. But because some dealers are auctioning off their used equipment, this increase of supply fulfills demand and can lower the cost of used planters at auction over the upcoming months. 

Planter Supply 2024

View the Tractor Zoom Spring 2024 Farm Market Equipment Update webinar to get crucial trends and updates on the farm equipment market in 2024. And hear more from Andy Campbell, Director of Insights, on his monthly ag equipment industry insights webinars to stay up to date on broader trends that impact equipment dealers, auctioneers, and individual buyers and sellers of ag equipment.




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