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82% of farmers say their number one pain point, when researching and buying farm equipment, is understanding what it’s worth. Equipment Lists from Tractor Zoom let farmers quickly and accurately gauge the value of their agricultural equipment based on its unique specifications.
Think of us as the blue book for tractors…or combines, sprayers, or any other piece of equipment that lives on your farm. Just tell us a little about your equipment and we’ll provide you with up-to-date market values.


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By leveraging massive amounts of data – over $20B of farm equipment sales – you can trust Tractor Zoom estimates to reflect accurate values based on your unique equipment details (not category averages).

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Our transaction data is updated weekly, ensuring you always have access to the most up-to-date equipment prices based on today’s ever-changing market.

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When it’s time to trade-in your equipment, buy new, or simply update your balance sheet at the end of the year, Tractor Zoom is your trusted source for equipment values.

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Discover why ag equipment buyers are choosing Tractor Zoom as the go-to-platform for securing their next equipment loan.

Tractor Zoom is connecting farm equipment sellers and buyers faster than ever before. Finding farm equipment at auction or at a dealership has never been so easy.

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