Tractors Frequently Asked Questions

At Tractor Zoom, we’re committed to helping equipment buyers make empowered decisions when it comes to researching, valuing, and managing their purchase. Answering your top questions is one way we keep this promise.

Where is the best place to buy a tractor?

The answer to this may depend on whether you’re looking for a new or used tractor, and what budget you’re working with. Your local dealership is really the best place to buy a new tractor. On top of their access to brand new inventory, many tractor dealerships can also offer in-house financing with special tractor financing programs or warranty promotions. 

If you’re looking to buy used, both dealerships and auctions are a great place to buy a tractor. For those that have a tighter budget, tractors sold at auction typically sell for 20% less than what a dealership can offer. However, that discounted sale price may come at the cost of limited information on the history of the tractor or access to any extended warranties.

Tractor Zoom advertises tractors for sale from both auctions and dealer locations around the U.S. We display these listings side-by-side and provide transparency into predicted, list, and final tractor sale prices to empower you to make a confident buying decision.

Who sells tractors near me?

Tractor Zoom currently features over 9359 tractors for sale from dealers and auctioneers around the country. Narrow down your search with our easy-to-use filters to find the exact tractor make/model you’re looking for or view only the tractors for sale in your state. From there, sort your search results based on what is closest to you, what has been most recently added, and much more.

Where is the nearest tractor dealership to me?

You can access a full list of dealers that have tractors for sale in your region or state on Tractor Zoom.

Is it worth buying a tractor?

Considering that a tractor is the most versatile piece of equipment on the farm, we are in the camp that buying a tractor is a worthwhile investment. For large operations, a tractor is needed to pull the implements needed to plant, protect, and harvest a crop, among many other jobs. For acreage owners, a smaller tractor that is reliable can help you maintain your property, remove debris or snow in the winter, and help with other jobs around the property such as digging post holes, mowing the lawn, blowing snow, and so much more.

Where can I buy an old tractor?

As mentioned in question #1, used tractors can be bought at auction or your local dealership. If you’re looking for an old or “antique” tractor, Tractor Zoom features a variety of old tractors for sale that were manufactured as early as 1900 including makes ranging from Farmall, International Harvester, Ford, John Deere, and more.

Can tractors run on biodiesel?

Generally speaking, yes, most tractors built today can run on B5 biodiesel. That said, consult your owner’s manual or local dealer for more information on your specific tractor.

What are the top 10 tractors?

According to our database of over $20B in equipment sales, the following are the top 10 tractors based on the number sold at an auction or dealership since we started collecting data in 2017:

  1. John Deere 4020

  2. John Deere 1025R

  3. John Deere 4440

  4. John Deere 4430

  5. John Deere 8370R

  6. John Deere 5075E

  7. John Deere 5065E

  8. John Deere 8320R

  9. John Deere 3020

  10. Farmall H

Which tractors are blue? Which tractors are red?

Ford traditionally always painted their tractors blue. Today, New Holland’s tractors are also blue. Farmall and International Harvester have traditionally been painted red. Today, Case IH and Massey Ferguson’s tractors are also red.

How do tractor pulls work?

There are a lot of aspects to this question, but generally speaking, it’s a contest to see who can pull something the farthest. For a more in-depth explanation, check out this video from the NTPA narrated by Vaughn Bauer (CEO of Bauer Built Manufacturing — he builds these when he’s not building giant John Deere planters). Or, for a deeper-dive, check out this video from our friend Logan Thomas!

Does Tractor Zoom offer financing on tractors?

Tractor Zoom is not a bank but we do help facilitate tractor financing and loans with our industry-leading lenders. We offer a pre-approval process that presents you with interest rates and loan terms on ag tractors from multiple lenders. This allows you to select the best financing option that meets your needs.

What is my tractor worth?

The value of your tractor can vary based on its make, year, horsepower, drive, and hours of operation, among many other factors that are specific to the model. Understanding what equipment is worth is a challenge many farmers come across. In fact, 82% of the farmers we surveyed said it was their #1 pain point when buying and selling farm equipment.

With that challenge in mind, Tractor Zoom built a feature called Equipment Lists, which allows farmers to quickly and accurately gauge the value of their tractor or tractors (for FREE) based on its unique specifications. We leverage over $20B in equipment sales, and update our transaction data weekly, so farmers always have up-to-date auction and retail values to gauge what their tractor is worth in near, real-time.

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