Ag Trailers Frequently Asked Questions

At Tractor Zoom, we’re committed to helping equipment buyers make empowered decisions when it comes to researching, valuing, and managing their purchase. Answering your top questions is one way we keep this promise.

What is a farm trailer?

The term “farm trailer” is a broad classification of the many types of trailers used on a farm operation. The most common types of farm trailers used include:

  • Material handling trailers: haul harvested crops, dirt, rocks, etc.

  • Livestock trailers: haul livestock including cows, horses, hogs, etc.

  • Header trailers: haul combine harvester heads

What is a tractor-trailer?

The terms “tractor-trailer” and “18-wheeler” are both terms used to describe a semi-truck and the trailer it is pulling.

Where can I find a wheat trailer for sale?

Tractor Zoom currently features over 365 ag trailers for sale from dealers and auctioneers around the country, including wheat trailers. Narrow down your search with our easy-to-use filters to find the exact make/model you’re looking for or view only the ag trailers in your state. From there, sort your search results based on what is closest to you, what has been most recently added, and much more.

Do farm trailers have to be registered?

Typically, any trailer used on a farm that travels on a public road needs to be registered and have some type of identification, like a license plate. However, requirements vary by region so be sure to check with your state’s Department of Transportation or Department of Motor Vehicles to identify your specific requirements.

Who sells used ag trailers near me?

Tractor Zoom partners with 644 auctioneers and 1317 dealer locations across the country. We feature all auctioneers in your region or equipment dealers near you that sell ag trailers on our website, or you can simply complete a search for ag trailers and results will automatically populate with available manure ag trailers for sale that are closest to you.

Does Tractor Zoom offer financing for ag trailers?

Tractor Zoom is not a bank, but we do help facilitate ag trailer financing and loans with our industry-leading lenders. We offer a pre-approval process that presents you with interest rates and loan terms on ag trailers from multiple lenders. This allows you to select the best financing option that meets your needs.

Which dealers sell trailers near me?

You can access a full list of dealers that have ag trailers for sale in your region or state on Tractor Zoom.

Who has used cattle trailers near me?

Find used cattle trailers for sale near you on Tractor Zoom. Simply complete a search for ag trailers and filter your results to livestock trailers. From there, you can sort results based on which listings are closest to you, price (high or low), or how recently they were added.

What companies manufacture ag trailers?

Tractor Zoom features over 200 makes of ag trailers but the most popular manufacturers include Wilson, Unverferth, Industrious America, Timpte, E-Z Trail, Featherlite, Jet, Maurer, J&M, Merritt, Cornhusker, Horst, Stud King, Killbros, Duo Lift, Titan, and more.

What is my ag trailer worth?

The value of your ag trailer can vary based on type, make, year, location, and length, among many other factors that are specific to the model. Understanding what equipment is worth is a challenge many farmers come across. In fact, 82% of the farmers we surveyed said it was their #1 pain point when buying and selling farm equipment.

With that challenge in mind, Tractor Zoom built a feature called Equipment Lists, which allows farmers to quickly and accurately gauge the value of their ag trailer (for FREE) based on its unique specifications. We leverage over $20B in equipment sales, and update our transaction data weekly, so farmers always have up-to-date auction and retail values to gauge what their ag trailer is worth in near, real-time.

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