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2024 Mil-Stak SP/3255 Self-Propelled Bale Wagon ** New ** Stock No. 940768

Emmett, ID


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Hay and Forage


Bale Accumulators/Movers

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Picks up bales in same direction as baler places them in field Front axle suspension Great visibility to stack High road speed The SP/3255 picks up bales the same direction your baler places them in the field by clamping the sides of the bale, eliminating the need to drive cross-wise through the field or slide bales on the ground into position. The bale clamp gets the bales off the ground quickly, reducing the amount of embedded debris caused by sliding the bales on the ground. It is fully adjustable for 3x3, 3x4, and 4x4 bales and the spring loaded bumper has multiple settings for different bale lengths. Rolling forks stabilize the bales on the bed and ensure a tight, uniform stack. Controlling the SP/3255 stack operations is done with a full color display and joystick in the cab. The 10" display clearly displays vehicle information such as RPM and MPH along with a graphical representation of the current load. Multiple stack presets let the operator quickly switch between starter stack patterns and full loads. The Mil-Stak software is fully automated and easy to understand. Simply clamp the bale and the computer takes over, loads the bale on the receiving table, and returns the clamp to the ground. Stacks: (8) 4X4, (12) 3X4, (18) 3X3 | More Information: self propelled, stacks (8) 4x4 bales, (12) 3x4 bales, (18) 3x3 bales, Stage 5 compliant engine (DEF fluid), front axle suspension, fully automated controls, patented Mil-Stak clamp picks up bales the same direction your baler

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