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Consignment Auction

Sat. Nov 26, 2022

Myron Zabel Farm Sale

Sat. Aug 27, 2022

Don Hass Machinery Auction

Sat. Aug 28, 2021

Donna Kanpper Auction

Sat. Jun 26, 2021

Kurt&Judi Kroeger

Sat. Aug 25, 2018

Samuel Auliff,Owner

Sat. Mar 10, 2018


Sat. Feb 10, 2018

About Costello Auction Service

Founded by Matt Costello, an auctioneer who's been in the business for 48 years. His wife of 47 years, Shirley, and his grandsons, Dillon and Hunter, have been helping him in recent years. With a reputation of being honest and fair, Matt Costello holds about two auctions each month. Aided by his crew of assistants, Jim Green and Paul Radcliff, they help with properly staging merchandise going up for auction and make sure that the process runs smoothly and more efficiently. Matt Costello has taken his passion for auctioneering and turned it into a business that compassionately serves his customers in Eastern Iowa and around his hometown of Eldridge, in DeWitt County, Iowa. Matt Costello is one to give credit to all of the folks that help him run his auction business, stating that an auctioneer is only as good as his crew and his clerk—his clerk being Steve Bowman, who's worked for Costello for more than 20 years and is known for his calm and organized demeanor. With nearly five decades of experience, Matt Costello is a calm and authoritative presence at his auctions, instilling a sense of confidence in the sellers and buyers participating in his events. He's become an expert at reading the body language of his attendees and bidders, and is able to pick out an interested buyer from a person who's attending their first auction and trying to get the swing of things. Costello is known as one of the best auctioneers in the Eldridge area, becoming a name people trust when it comes to host their own estate auctions or farm machinery auctions. Costello created his own auction company in 1982, and has emphasized that honesty is the best way to run a business, and the best way to earn more business.

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