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The Aumann Fall Harvest Collector Auction: What tractor nerds dream about…


Ryan Roossinck

October 12, 2023

Aumann Fall Harvest Auction Week

What do tractor nerds dream about? They dream about the Aumann Vintage Power Fall Harvest Auction Week.

Now, before anybody throws me under the bus for calling someone a tractor nerd, I’m first and foremost referring to myself. This truly is the stuff that I occasionally dream about. I’ll bet some of you do too.

I’ve written at some length about Aumann Vintage Power’s annual Pre-30s auction in the past. In a nutshell, it’s a week-long series of sales focused Prairie Tractors and the like, along with literature, collectibles, and parts from the era. Along with that, they host the Dennis Powers Tractor School, where collectors learn about the history of these machines as well as get some hands-on time. It’s a pretty big deal, and according to Kurt Aumann, it’s their most popular sale.

Fall Harvest Auction Week

Aumann Fall Harvest Auction week logo

Aumann Vintage Power has built a reputation as the go-to auction house for Prairie Tractors, but that’s not all they do. See, Kurt and many of his team have a soft spot for classics and muscle tractors, too. For the past few years, they’ve held their Fall Harvest Collector Auction, which has been a great place for collectors young and old to add to (or start) their collections. However, this year they upped the ante a lot, expanding it to a full week of auctions!

In total, there are seven different sales within the Fall Harvest Auction Week. They all cover something a little different, but they’re all tied to classic (mostly) American agriculture. There’s something here for just about everybody, and I’ll prove it!

Let’s dig in to some of my favorite pieces selling on this week-long celebration of classic farm machinery!

*Each heading is a link. Click it and it’ll take you to the catalog!

The Pedal Tractor Auction – 10/22

Aumann Vintage Power - Pedal Tractor auction
Clean pedal tractors that aren’t beaten to death are pretty hot at auction. With the holidays coming up, I’ll bet some of these end up with a bow on ’em under a Christmas tree! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)

I’ve never met a farm kid who didn’t think pedal tractors were cool, regardless of their age. Heck, I know a couple tractor pullers in Minnesota in their fifties and they’ve got one of the bigger collections in the country! Nobody ever really outgrows pedal tractors.

Now, I don’t know the finer points of pedal tractor collecting, but I can tell you that there are some pretty neat ones in this bunch. Here’s a few of ’em.

Aumann Vintage Power - Allis 220 Landhandler FWA pedal tractor
Don Turner is known the world over for his hand-built pedal tractors, and they sell for big money. This highly-detailed AC 220 Landhandler FWA sports a working 3-point and lights! The only thing it needs to be complete is the chrome stack. He only made 12 of ’em, and this is the last one! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)


Aumann Vintage Power - Tom Magnuson Oliver 995 pedal tractor
Tom Magnuson has built several tractors on this sale, including this nifty Oliver 995 Lugmatic (#47 of 100 built). He also makes custom parts (fenders, stacks, etc.) you can bolt on to your own pedal tractor! This one will go for big money too. (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)


Aumann Vintage Power: Case 1070 Black Knight pedal tractor
As far as I know, Ertl never made a Case Black Knight pedal tractor. Someone put a lot of time into making one from a regular 1070, and it turned out pretty sweet! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)


Aumann Vintage Power - IH 1066 5M Pedal Tractor
This customized IH 5 Millionth edition 1066 is awesome. The weight rack and fenders are a very nice touch, as is the wide front conversion! Hard to believe that started as as narrow-front Ertl 404 model! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)

All in all, I think there are 96 tractors on the sale. Furthermore, there’s a handful of pedal cars, wagons, and a few more goodies in the list. Neat stuff!

Next up…Signs & Memorabilia!

The Signs & Memorabilia Auction – 10/22

Old signs are always hot. Collectors want original stuff for their shops and mancaves, and lots of them will get a little crazy with the bidding. While I don’t see anything on this sale that’ll go for blow-your-mind money, there’s a few very cool things that collectors will be watching.

Aumann Vintage Power - J.I. Case Old Abe cast iron statue
These 5-foot tall “Old Abe” cast iron dealership statues from the 30s are highly sought-after, and ones in good shape will go for quite a bit! The bidding on this one is up to $7500 with 11 days left. I’d imagine it’ll double in price by the time the sale ends! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)


Aumann Vintage Power - International roll away toolchest
I don’t know when Kennedy built these tool chests for IH, but they’re awfully cool. Tough as nails, too. This little stacker set will be around long after the average (insert tool truck brand here) box falls apart. If this doesn’t sell for $1500+, I’ll be shocked. (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)


There’s a few regional signs on this sale, too. Hoegemeyer seeds is mainly in the western side of the Corn Belt, so I figure there’s a good chance that this one goes to someone in Nebraska where the home office is. (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)

There’s quite a bit of cool stuff from all over the place on this sale. It’s a little light on Deere stuff, but many other brands are well represented. It’s definitely worth a look!

Now, let’s get to tractors. That’s what we’re all here for, right?

The Rest-O-Riginal Auction – 10/23

The Rest-O-Riginal sale is the premier group of machines for Fall Harvest Auction Week. As such, Aumann is fairly picky about what gets in and what doesn’t. Everything has to fall into one of two categories; either a high-end restoration, or a high-quality survivor. Furthermore, if it’s not on site so it can be inspected and tested, the seller has to guarantee the description, photos, etc.

All in all, the tractors (and one Chevy pickup) on this sale are pretty sweet. It’s a nice mix of restored tractors plus quite a few originals with nice patina. Here’s the rundown on a few that I really like.


Aumann Vintage Power - 1938 Minneapolis-Moline UDLX
If there’s a star in this year’s Rest-O-Riginal sale, it’s this 1938 Minneapolis-Moline UDLX. (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)

Rust and patina never looked so good.

In the Minneapolis-Moline world, the UDLX is one that nearly everybody wants to get their hands on. They weren’t the rarest tractor that MM ever built, but they’re definitely not common. 125 UDLXs of this type were built, and collectors have identified between 90-100 that still exist in one form or another. However, finding one in its work clothes that runs, drives, and is complete…that’s another story. There’s probably only a handful out there that are this original. This particular tractor spent quite a bit of its life near Lethbridge, AB. It’s about as close to original as you can get, too. Original paint, period-correct rubber, the works!

At the end of the day, that makes this one very rare and very desirable to quite a few collectors out there. As of right now, the bid is at $120,000, and I’d be surprised if we didn’t see this one cross the $200,000 mark before it’s all said and done!

Side note: The presentation of this tractor is utterly beautiful. It’s rare to see auction photos and want to hang them on the wall, but when I showed them to a couple coworkers, that was their first thought. And honestly, they’re not wrong. Go take a look for yourself!

1973 Oliver 2255 FWA

Aumann Vintage Power - Oliver 2255 FWA
CAT V8s were never known as amazing engines in farm tractors, but man, they sure look sweet in an Oliver 2255 FWA! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)

FWA tractors aren’t typically included in the “Muscle Tractor” list. However, if you’re looking for a tractor to plead the case for an exception, this 2255 is it. Sparky Duroe, a noted Oliver collector from Jesup, IA, gave this tractor an unbelievable restoration. From the rubber to the two-stage automotive grade paint, this machine is impressive. Absolutely zero corners were cut.

Aumann has sold a few really nice 2255s over the past few years, but this one might be the nicest one yet. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if it gets to $45,000 or more!

Lanz D1506 Bulldog

Lanz 1506
You definitely don’t see many Lanz tractors here in North America, but there were a few that were sold in Canada in the 50s. This is one of them. (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)

Imagine having 630 cubic inches at your disposal…in a single cylinder.

Yep. One hole. 630 cubes. You could use the top of the piston as a dinner plate!

Lanz was a German company who built tractors from the early 20s up until 1956 when John Deere bought them. For a few years thereafter, though, they still continued to use the same hot-bulb two-stroke single cylinder design. They were – and still are – quite popular (and common) in Germany. And, while the engine wasn’t the world’s most efficient design, it would burn just about anything. You could load one of these things full of used french fry oil and it’d run just fine.

Also, they have kind of a neat party trick. They’ll “run” at 0 rpm – and they’ll run backwards with no damage to the motor. Yep, you read that right. Watch this.

This tractor was restored about 15 years ago, and runs and drives quite nicely! I think they’re neat tractors, and while they’re not super-popular here in the States, they do have a cult following. I don’t know that this one will smash any auction records, but I’ll bet it sells for more than you think it will!

The “Farm Stock” 1466…

Aumann Vintage Power - Dale Nelson 1466 NF
This 1466 from a Minnesota collection has been turned into a neat hotrod! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)

I know some folks don’t like narrow front muscle tractors, but I do. Furthermore, I especially like this one because it’s set up for pulling. It came out of the collection of Dale Nelson, an International truck dealer a couple hours west of Minneapolis. His mechanics did a very nice job restoring (and hot-rodding) this tractor. It’s got a 466 with a 3LM turbo and a 13mm pump, which should be good for somewhere in the neighborhood of 400-450 horse.

We’ve got a bunch of guys down in southern Iowa that run a very similar “farm stock” class. I think they weigh in at about 9000 pounds and their engine rules are very similar to how this one’s built. It’s a fun class to watch, and I wish I got to see them a little more often! These souped-up auger tractors are awesome!

1972 John Deere 4020

1972 4020 Synchro Side Console
I think this machine could be an indicator of where the 4020 market is headed. (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)

Have you ever listened to an ol’ boy talk about his 4020? The one he got started farming with? The first tractor he ever bought new?

This is the tractor that he remembers, and it’s the one we all hope to find someday. Factory paint, straight sheet metal, factory AC cab, Firestone 18.4s on the back (they’re original too), and 6000 hours on the clock! Not only that, but it’s a 1972 side console!

(Whether that ol’ boy’s 4020 actually looked this good? That might be up for debate. Some memories are better than others…)

The only thing that might keep this tractor from bringing big money is that it’s not a Power Shift. Still, I think this one will go higher than you think. High $20K wouldn’t be shocking at all. After all, they’re only original once, y’know?

Those are just a few of the tractors on the Rest-O-riginal auction. There’s also a bunch of two-cylinders (some of which are quite rare), a few uncommon Olivers, and a few oddballs from the 40s and 50s as well. Like I said, there’s a little something for everybody!

Moving right along…there’s more to see here!

The Mini Pre-30 Auction

People asked, and Aumann listened. Lots of buyers (and sellers, for that matter) from past Pre-30 spring auctions asked for an early tractor auction in the fall. I didn’t ask, but I’d imagine Kurt and the team are treating this like a test run to see if a full-scale fall Pre-30 auction might be viable in the future. They’ve got a handful of tractors on this one, a few crawlers, a bunch of hit and miss engines, as well as quite a number of old cars and trucks from the twenties.

Avery 14-28
This Avery 14-28 has a lot of originality going for it. Paint, decals, and pinstriping are all visible. It’s missing the canopy fabric, but other than that, it’s fairly complete. This Kansas tractor will sell for a lot more than you think it will! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)


Eagle Model H 20 40
I think this Eagle Model H 20-40 might’ve just celebrated its 100th birthday this year! Either way, this Michigan tractor runs and drives and despite an older paint job, looks quite nice! At one time, Eagle liked to tout that they were the simplest tractor on the market to operate. Boy, times sure have changed! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)

Suffice it to say, there’s lots more to look at if old tractors and cars (and a beautiful 1925 Harley) are your thing.

For the sake of brevity, though, let’s move on. There’s toy tractors to look at!

The Toy Auction – 10/24

No matter how old we get, we’re never too old to have fun with toy tractors. Which is good, because there’s a great big lineup of toys – 496 lots in all! They span a lot of different decades, too; some very early ones, up through modern stuff!

Here’s my three favorites.

Big Bud 760
There are several 1/16th scale versions of the Big Bud 747, but this is the 760-horse “factory” edition. Also, let’s talk about how BIG a 1/16th scale Big Bud 747 really is…they’re HUGE! These are starting to get scarce, and they’ve gotten pretty spendy over the past few years! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)


Big Bud 900
Here’s the more modern version, where the big Detroit 16V92T was tuned up a little (after the Williams Brothers bought it in 1997). This one still has the original tires on it, not the new LSWs. The last one of these that I saw for sale at a toy show was marked at $2700, so it’s definitely not for the faint of wallet! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)


Kinze 1050 Spec Cast 1/16th
These big 1/16th Kinze grain carts are getting scarce as well. This sale has all three variants – tracks, floaters, and row crop tires! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)

Even though I don’t collect 1/16th farm toys, these are very cool and all of ’em are getting harder and harder to find. Usually you’ll only find them on toy auctions!

Overall, I’d say that this sale is weighted towards John Deere and IH, with quite a bit of construction equipment thrown in there as well. It’s mainly 1/16th, but there are also a few 1/32nd and 1/64th sets thrown in for good measure. Well worth poking around for a few minutes, in my opinion!

The Private Collections & Features Auction – 10/25

This sale is chock full of neat iron, lots of it being from off site collections around the midwest. Generally speaking, it’s all operational, and I’d say that quite a bit of it is in pretty darn nice shape. Here’s a few that caught my eye.

John Deere 4230 Low Profile QR
This John Deere 4230 low profile isn’t the rarest of the 4230s, but it’s close – only 22 were optioned with a Quad Range! This one shipped to a dealer in Albany, GA on May 14, 1973, found its way to Alabama at some point, and then went to a collector in Nebraska. Save for the tires, it’s about as original as you can get! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)


1974 Dodge Power Wagon
This 1974 Dodge Power Wagon reminds me of the half-ton that I drove when I was a kid. This one is older than ours, and a lot nicer too! With a 318 under the hood, it won’t get you there fast, but it won’t leave you on the side of the road either! I love these old trucks, and I wish we hadn’t traded ours! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)


720 Diesel Standard
For some reason, I really like the larger 20 & 30-series two bangers, especially standards. I can’t explain why, I just like ’em! I’d be proud to own one like this! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)


Oliver Super 99 GM
When you need to make sure the neighbors know you’re working – even if they’re 7 miles away – accept no substitute. Detroit-powered Ollies are always collectible, and I’ll bet somebody will really enjoy this one. Hopefully the folks at Aumann will give ’em a free box of ear plugs with the purchase! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)


Allis M7
From page 19 of the “Weird tractor-like objects” file, here’s an Allis M7 Snow Tractor. They built just under 300 of these half-track machines mainly for Army rescue units, and supposedly only 30-some still exist today. Until a few days ago, I’d never seen or heard of such a thing! Nifty stuff! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)


This last one is just for all the folks out there who say that electric tractors will never work. Multiple companies tried it (including John Deere) in the seventies. They never really caught on, but I thought this little General Electric Elec-Trak E8M battery powered riding mower was pretty neat! It runs, too! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)

Overall, there’s a bit of variety in this auction. Most of the tractors are classics on the small side of the spectrum; lots of two-cylinders and Farmall Cubs and what-not. Lots of them will be perfect for the collector who’s just getting into the hobby, and I suspect some of them will be pretty budget-friendly, too. Like I’ve said multiple times in this article, there’s a little something for everybody during Fall Harvest Auction Week!

Which leads us to the last of the sales…the one for literature and memorabilia.

The Literature & Memorabilia Auction – 10/26

It’s a niche-y part of the hobby, but there are a lot of people who collect old brochures and stuff like that. And for this particular sale, a lot of it is really old! Not all of it, but a handful of these pieces are well over 100 years old. It’s hard to believe that any of this stuff has survived for that long. Paper is pretty darn delicate, y’know?

At any rate, though, there are close to 450 lots in this auction, and a couple of them stuck out to me.

1924 John Deere Catalog
Y’know how every year, we all went to our dealerships and grabbed the latest pamphlets and booklets with the new stuff in it? Here’s how Deere did it in 1924. This is literally a hardcover, cloth-bound book. I dare say this one survived pretty okay for being 99 years old! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)


Oliver Factory Photos
The photographer in me really nerds out over these Oliver factory photos from the sixties. If there was ever a type of literature that I’d like to collect, this is it. Product photography is its own art form in my book, and the way photographers did it was really cool. There are so many cool iconic photos from brochures and dealer marketing materials that I want to get my hands on! (Photo: Aumann Vintage Power)

Many of these pieces came from the same collections, and overall, most of it slants towards the very early part of the 20th century. Sorry SoundGard guys, no iconic photos of 4450s turning perfect circles in the field on this auction. Hopefully those turn up soon, though, because I really want one of those on my wall!

Wrapping up…

I really, really like the way Aumann has doubled down on the Pre-30s Auction Week concept and extended it to classics and muscle tractors. It’s got to be a ton more work to manage and I’m sure that by Day 2 of that week, they’ll be pulling their hair out trying to keep it all straight.

However, I think the extra work will pay off in both the near term as well as the long haul. For the most part, these are all really nice machines that have been well cared-for and have a place in North America’s agricultural history. People want them. Yes, it’s a job to sell them and there’s a lot of work involved. However, if you love this stuff like the team at Aumann does, it’s also a lot of fun to see them go home with excited new owners who will make their own memories with them! In the long haul, I think that when you have a full week of auctions that all revolve around the same basic thing, it’s easier to build momentum, which leads to more interest with both buyers and sellers. (Case in point: Auction week in Scottsdale, AZ in January!)

Hit the links in the headings to see the full sale lists – there’s tons of great stuff that I didn’t have time or space to showcase!

Make it a great week!

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