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Where is the Combine and Harvest Equipment Market Heading?


Andy Campbell

July 06, 2022

Tractor Zoom Pro will be holding a webinar on the direction of the used harvest equipment market on July 12th. You can register for free here.

The buying and trading season for combines and headers is just around the corner.   Tractor Zoom Pro takes a look at the current harvest category price, volume, and usage trends that have led up to this moment, with a special focus on dealership and auction equipment trends over the last 90 days.  

Insight into trade-in values becomes even more important in an elevated and volatile market. Help improve profitability and turns with insight into real-time equipment values, volume, and current trends by joining Tractor Zoom Pro marketing director and analyst, Andy Campbell, as he breaks down the high-value harvest equipment categories. 

Specific Topics Covered: 

  • Overall direction of the used equipment market
  • Combine supply and values by sep hour categories, and certain make/model combinations
  • Header supply and value trends
  • Special look at forage harvesters and the value divide between new and used

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