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Sorry, we don’t have any upcoming auctions scheduled in Wisconsin for Joel's Tractors & Auction, LLC. We’re publishing new auctions daily, from over 638 auctioneers across the country, so be sure to check back often or visit the main Joel's Tractors & Auction, LLC page.

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Farm Machinery Retirement Auction

Sat. Jun 19, 2021

About Joel's Tractors & Auction, LLC

Joel’s Tractors & Auction operates near Strawberry Point, Iowa, and is a branch of Everitt Tractors. Everitt Tractors was started in the 1950s by Stanley Everitt, when he started a tractor parts business with his son Jerry. By the 1970’s, Jerry’s tractor business became the largest tractor parts business in the entire state of Iowa. In 1980, Jerry decided to have his own auctions. By the late 1980’s, Jerry had his two sons and brother-in-law entered the auctioneering company, as it had grown into a large part of their business. In the early 2000’s, the business branched into three separate business. The Wisconsin division is operated by Jerry’s son, Jeff, and Jerry’s brother-in-law, Don. In Iowa, Joel’s son Jerry operates the Strawberry Point auction branch, while Jerry operates the original parts yard in Volga, Iowa. Since their inception in the 1950’s, the Everitt name continues to be a trusted and recognized name in the farm machinery auction and machinery parts business. They believe in taking advantage of the advancing technology of today, while maintaining their traditional values about keeping the customer first. Joel’s Tractors & Auction serves all parties in the auction industry, including farmers, dealers, and lenders. They believe in working their hardest to get the best prices for their sellers, as they know that many of their clients have their life’s earnings tied up and invested in their farm equipment. Joel’s Tractors & Auction is a full service auction business, with auctioneers who specialize in farm equipment auctions and sales every day of the year. Their decades of experience and connections in the industry have helped them build an extensive list of buyers to help market your auction. Whether you’d like to host your auction onsite or offsite, you will be in good hands with Joel’s Tractors & Auction.

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