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Farm Equipment Auction Results: May 2024


Kevin Heintz

June 07, 2024

In this article, we’ll look at some equipment auction data from May 2024, covering 603 equipment auctions nationwide throughout the month. We’ll also cover top auction sales for specific make/models across equipment categories, average dealer listing prices, and the Tractor Zoom “Ask Andy” used equipment values analysis for May. 

First, let’s discuss a bit about the current state of the market and some of the trends we are seeing in ag equipment sales.

“Ask Andy”: May’s Auction Update and What’s Selling?

In this month’s “Ask Andy” segment, Andy Campbell, Tractor Zoom’s Director of Insights, shares highlights from May’s farm equipment auctions and explains some of the trends in tractor and combine sales.



-A 2021 John Deere 6145R sold for $177,000 in Washington State.

-A 2022 2WD S780 with 500 separator hours sold for $305,000.

Ag Equipment Market Report for May/June 2024

As of late May and early June, the used equipment market faces a significant supply-demand imbalance. Dealerships and auctions are experiencing an oversupply of used row crop tractors, driven by high trade-in volumes from early order programs in 2023. 

This surplus has put downward pressure on prices, making it a buyer’s market. However, demand has softened due to financial constraints among many farmers, stemming from stagnant commodity prices and rising interest rates. 

Looking ahead, the outlook remains challenging, with expectations of continued high inventory levels and potentially further price declines. Dealers are likely to employ aggressive pricing and inventory management strategies to mitigate losses. The currently stable global supply of most commodities and domestic economic uncertainties further contribute to this cautious forecast, suggesting a tough market environment for at least the next year.

With this information in mind, let’s look at a few of last month’s top-selling equipment at farm equipment auctions around the country.

Row Crop Tractors

Yorkton Auction Centre in North Dakota sold a 2010 Challenger MT765C tractor on May 7, 2024, for $102,100. This was a record-breaking sale price for this particular make and model at auction.

Specs for this Challenger MT765C include:

  • Condition: Average
  • Hours: 5,805
  • Drive: Tracks
  • HP: 320
  • Rear PTO: Yes

May Auction Blog Challenger Tractor

In the past month, the average dealership listing price of Challenger MT765C tractors with more than 5,000 hours was $89,900. Find Challenger tractors for sale near you at Tractor Zoom.

Utility Tractors

Musser Bros. Inc. in Washington sold a 2021 John Deere 6145R tractor with 347 hours for $177,500 on May 16, 2024. This was the highest-selling tractor at auction in this category.

Specs for this John Deere 6145R tractor include:

  • Condition: Good
  • Hours: 347
  • MFWD
  • Rear PTO
  • HP: 145
  • More: Engine: 6.8 Liter, 145-hp, Diesel, Autopower IVT, Tractor Loader Mount w/Valve Bank; Rear Tires: 320/105R54 Duals Front Tires: 320/80R42 Tire Condition: Very Good; Remotes: 4; Options: MFWD, AC, Heat, Stereo, Buddy Seat, Quick Hitch Premium Cab w/Command Pro Suspension, Premium Radio, Deluxe Panorama Roof; John Deere 4055 with ONLY 22 ACTUAL HOURS! Powershift, MFWD, Goodyear 18.4R38 rears, Goodyear 14.9R26 fronts, 4 Remotes, 3 Point, 540/1000 PTO, SN: RW4055P011428. COLLECTOR QUALITY IN EVERY WAY!

May Auction Utility Tractor

In the past month, the average listing price of John Deere 6145R tractors at dealerships with hours between 1 and 500 was $194,863. Find more used John Deere tractors online at Tractor Zoom.

Compact Tractors (Vintage)

Aumann Vintage Power in Minnesota sold a 1913 Twin City 40-65 antique tractor for $270,000 on May 2, 2024. This was a record-setting price for this particular Twin City model at auction and was just one of dozens of well-maintained vintage tractors at Aumann’s auction in Nokomis, IL. 

Specs for this 1913 40-65 tractor include:

  • Condition: Average
  • Hours: Unknown
  • MFWD
  • Rear PTO: No
  • HP: 72
  • More: The Twin City 40 went through several iterations and ultimately came into its final form by 1913, and remained so until production ended in 1924.  In August, 1920 the 40-65 was tested in Nebraska. In the brake test, it developed 65.96 horsepower, and in the drawbar tests it exerted a maximum pull of 10,280 pounds for 49.71 horsepower. This example, No. 1418, has an older restoration and is in running and driving condition.  It is one of the earlier examples of the dozen or so known recorded and probably a Type A.  The tractor has been shown and plowed with in the UK before being brought back into the US for the auction.  It still retains it’s original carburetor and KW Highbar magneto.  The tractor originally came from the US and was taken to England by Roger Desborough. 

May Auction Compact Tractor

Find more used tractors for sale online at Tractor Zoom.

And to search for more beautiful vintage farm equipment like this for sale at auction, visit Aumann’s upcoming auction on June 13, 2024.

Chemical Applicator: Self-Propelled Sprayer

Booker Auction Co. out of Washington sold a 2017 GVM E370 Prowler self-propelled sprayer with 2,431 hours for $128,000 on May 15, 2024. 

Specs for this GVM sprayer include:

  • Condition: Average
  • Hours: 2,431
  • Gallons: 1,800
  • More: 120′ Aluminum Booms; 9 Sections; Inductor for Loading Product; 3 Raven Sidekick Pro Pumps for Direction Injection; 4 Stainless Steel Pods for Products; Raven Viper 4 GPS; Hour Meter Reads: 2430

May Auction Sprayer 1

Browse available chemical applicators for sale on Tractor Zoom, including self-propelled sprayers, pull-type sprayers, and mounted sprayers.

And download our Spring 2024 Sprayer Report for more insights on trends in sprayer equipment and sales.

Construction: Skid Steer

Deutz Auctioneers in Minnesota sold a 2021 Kubota SSV75 skid steer with 943 hours for $40,250 on May 28, 2024.

Specs for this Kubota skid steer include:

  • Condition: Average
  • Hours: 943
  • More: PHRC1 Owner; bought new December 2021.950 hours75HPHydraulic; Quick-Attach; Ride control; Pilot controls; Standard auxiliary; hydraulics; 2-Speed; Overhead sliding door; Block; Heater, Lights, Radio, AC/, Heat; Titan 12-16.5 tires

May Auction Skid Steer

In the past month, the average dealership listing price of 2021 Kubota SSV75 skid steers was $48,621. 

Tractor Zoom has a wide variety of Kubota construction equipment for sale listed on or sold at auctions and dealerships across the country. Browse our full selection of Kubota equipment and construction equipment for sale near you.

Find farm equipment auctions across the U.S. on Tractor Zoom. And search for a specific piece of equipment for sale with our convenient site search tools. Inventory is updated every night, so be sure to check back if you can’t find what you’re looking for.


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