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Farm Equipment Auctions at Your Fingertips

Find Equipment You Love

Searching for farm equipment at auction shouldn’t be a headache. Tractor Zoom lists farm machinery auctions and their inventory in a way that makes it easy for you to search for exactly what you need.

Receive Auction Updates

Don’t miss out on a great piece of equipment to add to your fleet. Set notifications to alert you to new auctions posted within your specified radius, subscribe to specific auction companies, and more.

Connect With Auctioneers

We admire the auctioneering profession, and built Tractor Zoom so that auction companies of any size can more easily get their auctions in front of the right buyers.

The Story

Tractor Zoom’s mission is simple: digitally connect farmers and auctioneers faster than ever before.

Kyle McMahon grew up in southeast Iowa surrounded by an entrepreneurial family who loved the outdoors. Much time was spent hunting Jefferson and Van Buren Counties and helping friends with their fields, crops and livestock. His work ethic and love for equipment led him to start a lawn and landscaping business in Fairfield, which he sold to fund his education at Iowa State University.

After graduation from ISU, Kyle began buying and selling farmland for Summit Agricultural Group. For the next 4 years, Kyle traveled the Midwest reviewing new tracts of land for sale while attending 1,000+ land and equipment auctions. As his passion for agriculture grew, he recognized farmers didn’t have a digitally searchable database for upcoming farm equipment auctions. The automotive and real estate industries had them. ‘For Sale’ farm equipment had them, but why not farm equipment auctions? That’s when he decided to build Tractor Zoom.

Meet Our Team

Kyle McMahon

Founder/CEO, Tractor ZoomKyle McMahon is responsible for the overall management and sales at Tractor Zoom. Prior to starting Tractor Zoom, he was the Director of Acquisitions for Summit Agricultural Group where he led a team to buy and sell farmland across the Midwestern corn belt. Kyle co-founded Buch-McMahon Lawn and Landscaping, in which he sold to his business partner. Kyle graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Iowa State University after growing up in Fairfield, IA.

Zac Sandvig

CFO, Tractor ZoomZac Sandvig is responsible for the financial oversight and operations at Tractor Zoom. Previously he was CPA/AP Manager for The Baker Group, where he was responsible for managing a staff of accountants and the business owner's personal financial endeavors. He also worked as Tax Staff at LWBJ. Zac graduated with a bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance from Iowa State University. Zac also played football at ISU after growing up in West Des Moines, IA.

Jeremy Hewitt

Director of Customer Success, Tractor ZoomJeremy is responsible for business development and customer success at Tractor Zoom. Prior to joining the Tractor Zoom team, Jeremy had been responsible for new logo acquisition in the B2B enterprise software world. Jeremy holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Iowa State University.

Ryan Roossinck

Digital Marketing Specialist, Tractor ZoomRyan is responsible for Tractor Zoom’s social media presence and media creation. His strength is in creating connections between people and solutions using multiple different types of media, and working in social media to grow and promote diesel motorsports (mainly truck and tractor pulling) with Beer Money Pulling Team and the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League. He is an alumni of Central Michigan University, and an avid motorsports photographer.

Dan Ellis

Full Stack Software Engineer, Tractor ZoomDan is a full stack engineer responsible for developing products for new market extensions at Tractor Zoom. Dan has extensive experience in building creative development solutions. His strength lies in his ability to develop and design software for optimal user experience, while also taking charge of back end processes such as server management, domain administration, and database management.

Walker Gillotti

Customer Success, Tractor ZoomWalker Gillotti is responsible for fostering and managing customer relationships at Tractor Zoom. He excels at staying current with market research and industry financial data, and has worked in the client service field for over 10 years with proven results. Walker holds his Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Entrepreneurial Management from the University of Iowa and has had the opportunity to work with several start-up companies through the University’s business program.

Tyler Lowy

Business Development Representative, Tractor ZoomTyler Lowy is responsible for business development. Prior to joining the Tractor Zoom Team, Tyler had a successful career in the IT Recruiting and Project Solution Space. Tyler holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from Central College. Tyler wrestled at Central College after growing up in Phoenix, AZ.

James Eliason

Senior Product Manager, Tractor ZoomJames is responsible for Product Development at Tractor Zoom. Before working with the Tractor Zoom team, James held multiple Product Roles at Dwolla. Prior to Dwolla, James started several companies (building teams & products) in the Des Moines & Chicago area.

Matt Carstens

Customer Success, Tractor ZoomMatt Carstens is responsible for establishing and maintaining customer relationships at Tractor Zoom. He excels at staying current with market research, thus empowering customers to make exceptional financial decisions. Prior to joining Tractor Zoom, Matt spent eight years as Operations Manager for a lawn care company. Most recently, Matt worked for a large ag equipment dealer in central Iowa, where he gained a vast amount of knowledge all across the ag and turf industries.

Taylor Webber

Software Engineer, Tractor ZoomPrior to joining Tractor Zoom, Taylor worked at John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, working on web based solutions for managing and distributing user data throughout their fleet. Taylor brings a strong focus on quality user experience and accessibility to the user as well as promoting tools and processes to automate and improve Tractor Zoom's development process.

Ross Sickora

Senior Software Engineer, Tractor ZoomRoss is responsible for building and refining the Tractor Zoom software products. He has spent the last 8 years of his career holding various engineering, leadership, and coaching roles in the Des Moines area. He is passionate about tackling the challenges of our customers.

Cindy Howard

Customer Success, Tractor ZoomCindy is a proud graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Science. Prior to joining the Tractor Zoom Customer Success Team, Cindy spent 19 years providing customer service and continuing education to Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians all over the world. Most recently, Cindy’s animal science background brought her to a central Iowa bull stud, where she managed daily operations.<br />