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“I picked a new tractor up using a new app that I found, a friend of mine showed me, Tractor Zoom. I went online and I found this auction up near Alden, Iowa, with Mr. Whitaker, and I bid on seven items and I got three of them. Two tractors, WD Allis Chalmers and a WD45…so I kind of like Tractor Zoom, works pretty good. You just punch [your equipment search] in there and it shows up and you see all the photos of all the Allis Chalmers. I think it was 7 or 8 Allis Chalmers tractors, which is kind of a rare thing, and I would never have found it, if it wasn’t for that.”

Ken Choquette; Salix, IA

Tractor Zoom is connecting farm equipment sellers and buyers faster than ever before. Finding farm equipment at auction or at a dealership has never been so easy.

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