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Introducing the AERWAY AW1500-4B38-DT93 Pull-Type Aerator, a versatile and high-performing tillage equipment designed to improve soil health and maximize productivity. With its efficient design and specific features, this aerator is an ideal choice for various applications such as manure management and pasture maintenance. The AERWAY AW1500-4B38-DT93 features a durable and reliable construction, ensuring its ability to withstand rigorous use in demanding conditions. Its serial number, AW15CQ4B38DT63, uniquely identifies the specific model for easy reference. With a working width of 15 feet, this pull-type aerator covers a substantial area in a single pass, saving time and effort. The Rock Flex design allows the tines to flex and follow the contours of the terrain, ensuring consistent and thorough aeration across the entire field. This feature is particularly beneficial for uneven or rocky surfaces, ensuring effective soil penetration and aeration. The AERWAY AW1500-4B38-DT93 is highly suitable for various applications, including manure management and pasture maintenance. By aerating the soil, it promotes better nutrient absorption, root development, and water infiltration, leading to healthier pastures and improved crop yields. The increased soil porosity also helps to alleviate compaction and improve overall soil structure. Whether you're seeking to enhance the productivity of your pastures or improve manure distribution and absorption, the AERWAY AW1500-4B38-DT93 Pull-T

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