What’s My Platform Header Worth?

Aug. 03, 2022 • Analysis

This week’s What’s It Worth? comes from Dale S. out of Iowa. Dale is considering selling or trading in his platform flex draper header — a 2015 John Deere 640FD — and wants to know what it’s worth to see what he might expect to receive if he sells at an upcoming auction or to his local dealer.

What Is It Worth JD 640FD

John Deere 640FD Auction Value

An analysis of the Tractor Zoom Pro database reports an average auction sale price of $43,112 based on 293 sale results for all John Deere 640FD headers going back to December of 2013. Filtering down to those that are closer to Dale’s 2015 model, we find that 640FDs that were manufactured in 2015 have a slightly increased average auction value of $43,272 based on 35 comparable sales. 

Dale, like many other farmers, knows the used equipment market is hot right now and he hopes the tight supply of quality platform headers will bring him a premium price for his equipment. 

John Deere 640FD Retail Value

Reviewing dealership list prices on August 1, 2022, we see the average list price of a John Deere 640FD at a dealership is $57,543 based on 522 listings since September of 2021. As of this article, Tractor Zoom currently has 183 active John Deere 640FD listings featured on its website, with an average list price of $55,913, which is only down roughly $200 over the last 30 days.

John Deere 640FD Dealer Price Trend

Trying to get a more accurate value for Dale, we can look specifically at only 2015 models that are currently listed or have been sold since September 2021. Using that criteria, our average dealer list price adjusts to $59,692 (based on 66 comps) and if we filter further to only those 2015 lots that have been listed or sold in the last 90 days, the average dealer price remains fairly static at $59,595 (based on 42 comps).

With much of the dealer inventory not being available until after 2022’s harvest or only upon farmers receiving their replacement ahead of time, Dale may indeed grab a premium price for his platform header if he’s ready to sell now.

Assessing Equipment Value

It’s important to note that the above is not a complete evaluation or valid estimate of Dale’s 640FD. Additional information on Dale’s platform header such as machine condition, belt condition, or other options will impact the estimated value. 

Sellers looking for an equipment appraisal should work with their bank or local equipment dealer or auctioneer to receive a formal appraisal on their piece of equipment.

Farmers looking to understand and monitor the value of their equipment can now build Equipment Lists at Tractor Zoom. Equipment Lists not only help you build an accurate representation of what your equipment inventory looks like and is worth, they also help you prepare the information you need to secure a formal appraisal from a bank or local equipment dealer when it’s time to sell.

John Deere 640FD Equipment List Values

For those looking for a John Deere 640FD nearby or other platform headers for sale, find available makes and models on Tractor Zoom. If you can’t find the exact year or specs you are currently looking for, save your search on Tractor Zoom to be notified when new equipment matching your needs hits the site. And, once you find a make/model you want to keep track of, be sure to Favorite that equipment so you can be alerted when dealer listing prices change, when bidding opens for the equipment, or when the final auction sale price is posted.

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