What’s My Case IH 8250 Worth?

Jul. 24, 2023 • Analysis

This What’s It Worth? analysis was sent in from Cody S., a row crop farmer from Iowa.

Cody is considering selling or trading in his 2019 Case IH 8250 that has about 850 engine hours and 590 separator hours.

Before he makes a decision, he wants to know what it’s worth to see what he might expect to receive if he sells at an upcoming auction or as a trade-in at his local dealership.

2019 Case IH 8250

Case IH 8250 Auction Value

An analysis of the Tractor Zoom Pro database reports an average auction sale price of $343,018 based on 14 sale results for Case IH 8250 combines going back to July 2020.

Cody’s combine has about 850 engine hours and 590 sep hours. Refining our database results to those that are closer in age and hours to Cody’s model, we find that Case IH 8250s manufactured in 2019 with between 100-600 sep hours have a slightly lower average auction value of $336,750. This is based on three comparable sales.

Case IH 8250 Retail Value

Reviewing dealership list prices, we see the historic average list price of a Case IH 8250 at a dealership is $427,015 based on 247 dealer listings from July 2022.

As of this article publishing, Tractor Zoom has 73 active Case IH 8250 Class 8 combines featured on the website with model years between 2019-2022.

Case IH 8250 Average Listing Prices at Dealerships

In the chart above, you can see the sharp increase in average listing prices at dealerships between November 2022 to today. This is largely driven by newer, higher priced, machines being added to dealer lots after harvest, a cycle that was largely skipped in 2022 due to supply chain issues.

While combine supply typically fluctuates per season, with March, December, and August as high-volume months, we’ve seen supply increase over the past eight months, which has created a buying opportunity for farmers

In addition, combine sales skyrocketed over last year, as reported by AEM, leading to more trade-ins and increased sales volume at auctions and dealerships. Inventory of Class 8 combines specifically has been piling up the fastest. This higher supply is already making its way to the auction market, potentially creating the highest volume of Class 8 combines seen at auction in July and August that we’ve seen in the last three years.

It’s crucial for Cody to get top-dollar. Understanding these market trends can ultimately help him decide the best path to sell his combine.

Assessing Equipment Value

It’s important to note that the above is not a complete evaluation or valid estimate of Cody’s harvester. Additional information on Cody’s Class 8 combine, such as condition, total hours, tires or tracks, drive, or other features will affect the estimated value.

Sellers looking for an equipment appraisal should work with their bank or local equipment dealer or auctioneer to receive a formal appraisal on their piece of equipment.

Farmers looking to understand and monitor the value of their equipment can build Equipment Lists at Tractor Zoom. Equipment Lists not only help you build an accurate representation of what your equipment inventory looks like and is worth, they also help you prepare the information you need to secure a formal appraisal from a bank or local equipment dealer when it’s time to sell.

To see available Case IH 8250s for sale nearby, or other Class 8 combines for sale, search on Tractor Zoom.

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