Featured Tractor: Mahindra 1626

Jun. 19, 2018 • Blog


Mahindra 1626
Courtesy of Ranchland Tractor

The 2018 Mahindra 1626 is one of the most popular compact series tractors. This is no surprise because Mahindra has a reputation of developing versatile, reliable, functionable compact tractors. Built with a bigger frame size than eMax and Max tractors and available with the choice between hydrostatic or shuttle gear transmissions, available with factory cab. EPA, Final Tier 4 (FT4) compliance without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and competitive pricing its a compact tractor that meets all the buyers needs.

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Mahindra 1626 Specs

Mahindra replaced their 1500 series models (1526, 1533 and 1538) with three new models 1626, 1635 and 1640 this year. When these tractors were put on the market for sale, it caused a stir of excitement in the industry.

As mentioned above the 1626 is EPA FT4 compliant without the need for a DPF, using mechanical injection and a mechanical governor which also helps in high altitude conditions. Hydraulics run through an open center system flowing 3.3 gpm to the power steering circuit and 7.5 gpm to implement demand (10.8 gpm total), giving the three-point hitch (3PH) a lift capacity of 2646 lbs. Hitch control is by position, so an operator can consistently return implement to preset height. Lower link ends are fixed with outboard pin adjustable stabilizers to cinch up sway slack.

In order to free up floorboard space the hydrostatic model has three ranges and are controlled by a treadle pedal, which has the majority of linkage between the front and heel pedals below deck. Modulation control and operator effort is quite good, on the 1626, but the arrangement makes it difficult for those preferring to reverse by slipping their toe under the forward pedal and lifting rather than using the heel pedal. This is a minor issue and bound to out way all the other great features. The transmission on the Mahindra offers an 8F and 8R shuttle set up which utilizes constant mech on the gear shift and synchro mech on the reversing shuttle. A left hand turn signal-like stalk is used to control direction changes which requires the clutch to be depressed.

Mahindra 1626 Loader & Accessories

The most common loader on the Mahindra is the 1626L which is rated to list 1560 lbs to a max height of 84’. Dig depth is 4.5” and breakout force 2795 lbs. A skid-steer compatible quick attach system is standard. Innovated buckets sides now include flared to the cutting edge to increase bucket capacity. You’ll have to see how significant the increase of this fabrication complexity really is in comparison to just adding width.

There are steps on both sides of the tractor to climb into the cockpit. It’s furnished with the new mComfort seat which looks great, is brand consistent and truly comfortable with plenty of cushioned support. It does seem to prop the operator a little taller than on the 1500 series potentially due to the new seat giving and overall impression of greater visibility.

1600 series has introduced a new loader joystick in the right fender vs. the loader stanchion of the previous series. It’s much nicer and more ergonomic with the added benefit of positioning the loader valve right below so there is no cabling to potentially get caught up on something in the field. For added comfort and utility there are cup holders on both fenders, a tool box to store hitch pins, etc, a tilt wheel, cruise control, and a backlit dash.

You can attach a post hole digger or a backhoe on the Mahindra. However when you attach a backhoe it will not be compatible with a mid-mount mower due to the subframe structure. So far the 1626 has a great reputation of running well, the engine is quiet, has plenty of power. It will be a test of time to see how this tractor holds up through the years to come. The tractor is for sale for around $25,000 with seven-year powertrain warranty, 0% financing to 84 months and other incentives available. It’s a viable alternative to the Kubota L2501, John Deere 3025E, and Kioti CK2510/ 2610.

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